Our working world has changed, blurring the boundaries between work and leisure. New concepts of work require us to reimagine the spaces we need. Because how we shape the office of tomorrow will determine our success. If you offer your employees an inspiring environment that fosters communication, they will be more motivated and will deliver better results – and you will stay ahead in the competition for talented staff.

The floor plans


Discover office space for rent in Berlin-Moabit, reimagined with flexible and uncomplicated solutions. Space you can shape the way that is best for your business.

  • Approx. 818 m² per floor
  • 7 full floors
  • Partial or full utilisation (approx. 348 m² and approx. 470 m²)
  • Open and flexible layouts
  • Community spaces
  • Connectivity
  • Cooling, ventilation, sun protection towards the south
  • Cavity floors
Ground floor:


  • Central reception
  • Public gastronomy
  • Access to the courtyards
Sample office space:


  • approx. 65 working spaces per floor
  • approx. 12 m2 per working space
5. Upper floor:


  • Light-flooded rooms
  • Impressive panorama
  • Wind-protected loggia
  • Alignment to the south
Top floor:


  • Light-flooded rooms
  • Impressive panorama
  • Wind-protected loggia
  • Alignment to the south



These offices in the heart of Berlin are full of possibilities and never cease to amaze. Where else can you just pick up and move your workplace outdoors? LOFT offers you flexibility and space for the best ideas.

with the LOFT Community

Outdoor Meeting
with new perspectives

Creative break
and then a fresh start

Office with Style

Create your business.

If you’re looking to rent office space in Berlin that is both functional and attractive, look no further. LOFT combines a historical exterior with everything you’d expect from a modern office building.

High rooms with a ceiling height of at least 3.20 metres, lots of light, extensive views and large windows create a sense of spaciousness that is both inspiring and motivating. The elaborately refurbished steel columns and vaulted ceilings lend the entire LOFT a sophisticated and at once distinctive flair. Open structures lend themselves to a wide variety of uses and invite you to explore new ways of working.

At LOFT you’re always connected, wherever you are. The entire LOFT area features a full cavity floor with floor boxes to give you all the flexibility you need.

LOFT satisfies all the requirements of a modern office while preserving the historic building fabric.

The modern lift system is operated by key or app and leads directly to your desired destination.